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``Rob saved my house from foreclosure, my sister's house from foreclosure, and my daughter's house TWICE. A true miracle worker!``

– V.P

I was in horrible debt and about to lose my company. If it was not for you and your team; I would have had to close my company.

T. H.


After attempting for two years to try to secure an EIDL loan from the SBA, I was introduced to TDL Consulting. In less than eight weeks TDL was able to secure my loan in order for me to continue my business.

I. J.


I was in the middle of a hot mess with SBA, in trying to receive a EDIL from them. I got rejected after several attempts, but TDL, in a matter of weeks, cleared this up and got me approved. It literally saved me, my comany!

M. C.

Las Vegas, NV

TDL Consultants are masters when it comes to resolving painful financial situations. I really appreciate their tenacity and skill working with credit card companies, lenders, and the SBA. They’ve won for me with all 3!

B. F.


TDL Consultants are pitbulls when they take on a project. They came through and got me funded when no others over 7 years could. They are really great to work with.

D. B.


Your persistency and ingenuity, got me the funding I needed to save my business. Thank you!

F. M.

New Mexico

Thanks so much for staying on top of the SBA. You got my loan funded despite all the red tape. That money saved me big time.

J. H.


After referred by a very trusted associate to handle my SBA loan, Rob & I are now friends. Why, after 9 months of required none stop monitoring, enduring mistaken cancellations, changing of many agents, file being lost several times, & fixing again, to have it actually hit the bank account . Wow, I honestly would have never made it through what Rob does! Cheers, Rob G!

C. C.

New Jersey

“OMG great work, I can finally get on with my life!”

I settled their workman’s comp claim that was open for 19 years, she was being jerked around by the attorneys.


“Goldstein, I knew you were good, but, DAMN, you were real good!!”

I helped him negotiate a better deal with his accident attorney and got him $13,000 more money and won an appeal for unemployment after he was denied.

— KM

“Rob, thank you for saving my house for the 3rd time!!”

I helped them with foreclosure defense and workouts, after bank screw ups!!

— CW

We had a client who was in the workman’s comp system for 19 years and both the insurance attorney and her attorney both claimed they make more money by NOT settling. After we stepped in, she was awarded of $300,000, within a year.

We had another client, she and her husband were both Navy veterans of the Vietnam war. He died after a long battle with Agent Orange, and she was denied her numerous claims with the VA. We stepped in, her claim was approved, and we were able to get her a lump sum settlement.

We once were asked to assist an FBI agent who had an old mortgage on a home, stemming from a divorce, and it was keeping her from a promotion. We got her released from the debt completely and she was able to receive that huge promotion.

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