Our team has over 50 years combines experience in helping, individuals and businesses, turn their financial situations around.

Our team is friendly and professional yet firm and aggressive in all the right areas! While they know having financial issues can cause extra added stress and frustration, they also know that clients, at times, need to be pushed and guided in order to achieve their goal of being financially stable and secure.

Whether you need assistance with debt resolution, business consulting or starting a business, our dedicated staff is ready to help!





After 30+ years in my career, I’m often asked, “in three words, what do you do?” To sum up, I specialize in FINANCIAL CRISIS MANAGEMENT. In the mid 80s, I spent a few years going into large businesses to work on “turnarounds”.

This included sales increases, debt restructuring, management restructure, sell off unneeded assets, raising money, etc. When I started my own practice, I found myself helping many individuals in very rough situations. Although I am not a lawyer, I am educated in bankruptcy law and the bankruptcy system to help clients, I utilize this experience to help in all situations.

Over the years, I have found that my unique set of skills were desperately needed, the most prime examples are: debt consolidation and business consulting. I have also negotiated loans for people who were in financial trouble, based on assets, or selling off assets, also known as asset disposition.

Negotiating debt is generally thought of as just credit cards, and while credit cards are the primary source of debt, I also work on judgments, medical debt, business vendor debt; anything where money is owed. On tax debt, I work with a qualified CPA and enrolled agent.

Having written two books on debt & credit, I also host workshops teaching people how to understand the credit system and improve their FICO scores.

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