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Our Services

Debt Settlement

We will tailor a debt reduction program that fits your individual needs. With debt negotiation, the process continues until a legally binding and favorable settlement agreement has been reached. In addition to providing an alternative to bankruptcy, we help rebuild your credit and give you the tools necessary to be more fiscally responsible in the future, so you can create new wealth.

Student Loan Relief

If you’re struggling with excessive debt and the escalating interest rates of continuing education, we can help. We offer a range of options that will reduce your student loan debt and make it more affordable. We can help you to find out your status and help you navigate all the changes in student loan programs and policies.


If you have fallen victim to any type of scam, whether it be elder fraud, identity theft, ect., we can help clear your name, identify future scams and get you back on track.

Business Consulting/Funding

We work with many lenders, including the SBA, equity firms and private investors, to help find your funding sources.

Timeshare Relief

If you are stuck in a timeshare contract, and you want out, there may be easy and affordable ways to rid your share of the timeshare burden.

Credit Workshops

R. Goldstein Consulting has 35 years experience helping clients with their credit profiles, to regain the credit score they deserve. We’ll help remove bankruptcies, charge-offs, collections, judgments, and repossessions.

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